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A story is told of the Buddha. When he was asked if he was a God or a man, he replied, “I AM AWAKE!”

Focused Training for Improving Your Life

A working definition of Self Mastery

We achieve self mastery when our thoughts, feelings and behavior can work together to create a life filled with purpose and love. This can only occur when we have developed deep and accurate self knowledge. Self-Mastery training will teach you how to think clearly and how to be able to experience and understand your emotions without fear and distortion. With this foundation of knowledge and skills you can let go of the defensive strategies that keep you from living from your true self. You can create your life from the part of you that knows what you love and learn how to live from that place.

Happy, Stress-Free, Confident Man

Training Content

Skill Base – The primary skill that you will learn is how to observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviors with objectivity and compassion.
Knowledge Base – The content will focus on understanding how your brain works. A major topic that will be covered is the nature and effects of emotional conditioning.

How is self mastery taught?

You and I will work together to uncover the cognitive distortions and the unconscious emotional and behavioral habits that are limiting your ability to create the life you truly want. We will use my book, Therapy Tales, as a guide.

  • There are three levels of personal training available, designed to meet individual needs and budgets.



• 22 Individual one hour coaching sessions via skype, facetime or phone to be completed in one calendar year
• Analysis and commentary on your written home-work assignments sent via email with suggestions for the focus of next coaching session
• Email support between sessions
• Free copy of the book – Therapy Tales: A Guide to Self Mastery
• Certificate of completion
Cost: $5000.00 - paid in full before training begins or a payment of $3000.00, before beginning and a payment of $2,500.00 the end of 2 months of training.


2 - one hour coaching sessions per month – in person, phone, skype or facetime
• Email support between sessions
Cost: $275.00 per month – payable by the first of each month.


3 – one hour coaching sessions per month
• email support between sessions
Cost: $400.00 per month – payable by the first of each month.

Is Self-Mastery training Therapy?

Self-Mastery training (smt) is not psychotherapy. SMT is an educational program designed to teach people how to understand themselves and how to use that knowledge to create a better life.

How is Self-Mastery related to spiritual growth?

When you are un-defended and your real feelings are free to flow, you are more open to love and you are more open to higher energies in the universe. From this place you are more in touch with your higher self and your purpose in life. Perhaps these ideas are best expressed in poetry so I give you this quote about self-knowledge from Khalil Gibran’s, The Prophet. “Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and nights. But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge. You would know in words that which you have always known in thought. You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.”

How do I know if it is right for me?

Be in touch! We can communicate via phone, Skype, or email. Go to contact page to connect.