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About Dr. JoAnn Gibson

JoAnn Gibson

I am a clinician, teacher, and author of the book, Therapy Tales: A Guide to Self Mastery. I have been a mental health professional for more than 40 years. My career began as a psychiatric nurse, and I later earned my PhD in psychology from the Union Institute and University. I taught psychiatric nursing to professional nursing students and created a consulting practice in human resource development. During that time, I developed and taught programs in assertive communication, stress management, interpersonal communication skills, and the power of attitude.

As an educator, I held adjunct faculty positions at Montgomery County Community College, Chestnut Hill College and the University of Pittsburgh. Alternatively, I also maintained a private practice in psychotherapy for more than 25 years. During my time in graduate school, I discovered a psycho-spiritual discipline known as the Pathwork. I studied this material and became a Pathwork helper. This experience helped me reframe my work as a therapist into a holistic model that embraces body mind and spirit.

Now, as a life coach, I have been able to work on my book and focus my efforts on helping people to achieve a high level of self- knowledge. With this knowledge, people are able to make more conscious decisions, and become better parents, workers, and individuals. This inner journey helps you develop your true self and the life you were meant to live. I help people in West Chester, Pennsylvania and all over the nation. Currently, I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my life partner. I also have a son, daughter, and three grandchildren.

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